Guide to Coastal Home Insurance in North Carolina

September 1, 2016

It’s officially hurricane season, and the time to protect your home is now.

Hurricane Sandy Hitting East CoastRecent hurricane events have sparked an unsettling feeling for all coastal homeowners. Within the last two years several hurricanes have passed through the East Coast leaving millions of dollars in damages. We must learn from our past mistakes and make sure to protect ourselves from any natural disasters that may come our way.

For coastal homeowners the time to act is now. Protect your pockets and homes by following these simple and effective steps when searching for coastal home insurance.

  1. Get Insurance Now. Hurricane season has already begun, and it’s important for those living on the coast to get an insurance policy that protects you and your home. Some policies may take up to 30 days to become active, so the sooner you find coverage the better.
  2. Get the Right Coverage. Every homeowner’s policy is different. Your coverage will protect you against damage or loss from fire or theft, but it will most likely not protect you from hurricane wind damage. Coastal home insurance will help keep you protected if any damages occur that are caused by hurricanes.
  3. Flood Protection. Now isn’t the time to contemplate if your house will flood or not. If you have even the slightest thought that your house may be susceptible to flood damage make sure to purchase the right flood protection for you and your home.
  4. Premiums Reminders. The worst thing you can do is forget to pay your premiums in time for hurricane season. Don’t let one preventable mistake be the reason your coverage doesn’t come through.
  5. Check Your Policy. Make sure you know the coverage you’re receiving and what you can count on. Look to see if your coverage provides stipends for any living expenses lost during a hurricane, and find out what you need to do so you have time to set aside the proper fundings.
  6. Keep Your Documents Safe. Although it may sound trivial, it’s important to keep all of your policies’ documents in a safe and preserved spot. Keep your documents protected so you and your assets can stay safe.
  7. Watch Your Deductibles. Keep a tab on how much your hurricane deductible is. To prevent stress, keep a fund account where you can put away money in case multiple storms occur that year.
  8. Vacation Homes. Don’t forget about your vacation homes located on the coast. You invested just as much time and money into your home away from home so it’s important to protect it even when you’re not there.

James Insurance Agency is here to help insure your coastal home with an affordable and safe policy. We’re a local independent agency that has witnessed firsthand the impact and damage that hurricanes can cause for coastal homeowners in North Carolina.

Whether you are tired of paying high coastal insurance, or you can’t seem to find it at all, feel free to contact us today 252-826-2151 or email

Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center